Foggy Mornings and Dance Rehearsals

Our school auditorium was situated far away from the main school buildings and it took us a walk across two playgrounds to get there. By the time the end of November approached, every year, these kind of walks across tend to increase many-folds as students made their way to the dance rehearsals. I can recall my own sweet experience as I walked with my friends with complete enthusiasm to dance again. Those mornings were chilly! Just as the bell went out indicating end of the first lesson, the participants would swarm out, get into groups and reach the auditorium, with clattering jaws and shivering bodies. Well, who would possibly want to walk in the fog in such cold? We did, just because no matter how good or bad we danced, we just loved dancing, and that one feeling pulled us up every morning.

To put it straight, the auditorium hall was under construction while we were still at school. One side of the hall had no wall but iron gates and you can possibly imagine how cold it used to get in there. The chairs were not put up so we basically had a lot of space to practice. At every corner of the auditorium, groups assembled with their own music systems and began practicing. All the classical, contemporary, folk, patriotic, semi-classical, western and modern, freestyle and loads other dance forms would be happening around, all at the same time with the choreographers fussing about. We would begin with numb fingers and end with a dying thirst for water. The sweaters and coats would lie haphazardly here and there as the fog slowly subsided and several rounds of our performances had been tested. The lunch times were even funnier. We would sit over almost every possible place present inside including the top of the changing rooms which were at the same height as that of the stage and eat with our group mates and chat. We might be free most of the time but nobody bothered to get back to classes but preferred moving around and watching the others perform. In the afternoons, we would exit for home directly from the auditorium without getting back to the building once! Everyone knew but nobody complained. Well, those were some very beautiful days of our lives. And just a few days back as I watched the videos of our Annual Day Functions, I felt too nostalgic and a hell lot incomplete…


On the Wheels

So this is the one time I felt extremely delighted to meet this couple from the UK. Claire Mason, a psychologist and Andre Siwek, a civil engineer by profession who decided to embark on a cycling tour all the way from UK to Japan. It was the spring of 2015 when the couple finally reached our city and resided on the same apartment as us for some couple of days. My first encounter was with Claire when one fine evening I sat with her in the living room eating fruits and chatting. Not that I’m a very socially active entity, but I found myself instantly getting along with this cheerful lady. Shortly after, Andre joined us and I got to learn about their entire journey. It fascinated me a lot, I couldn’t imagine how challenging it would be to travel through unknown lands only having your bicycles by your sides. But I guess there ain’t nothing to worry when your partner is there with you all along.

They left one day later, not without photographs and a promise to meet again someday. Although I doubt they will remember us after meeting so many people in so many countries but still, they inspire me loads….