Mangoes and those Summer Evenings

How I miss those summer evenings of some seven years back, when I used to sit down to watch another episode of ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ and ‘Hannah Montana’ and the setting sun used to shower its beautiful orange colour on the walls of my room. I remember my frustrated mother who used to make me take my afternoon nap and how energetically I used to refuse it. And as the daylight slowly started departing, mom would hand me over a plate full of sliced mangoes, one of those things that makes the season beautiful. The fruity shade of the setting sun, would make my taste buds desire for something fruit, and there the mangoes satisfied my need, making me eventually wish for more. Those days that went are now much like a beautiful dream, that I use to chase every year, but in vain, cause they aren’t about to return any day. Sigh, they are gone!

Love at First Ride

Okay, I admit, it wasn’t exactly my first ride. But given the poor cycling skills I had mustered as an accurate beginner in the field, that was my first proper long distance ride upon the two wheels. I was riding alongside a brother of mine and my hair was flying, literally! The country roads are beautiful, with lesser noise, greener scenes and less chaotic situations. The only thing that was bothering me at the moment was the rocky texture of the streets and I would hold back my breath unknowingly at times. Nevertheless, it was the best feeling ever. As we moved ahead, the passing breeze played with me and mostly, went kissing my face. The birds singing under the evening sky became the ideal playlist for the journey. And we paced forward. Our destination was until my uncle’s home and we successfully made it. But the journey back home is what needs a special mention in here. I felt like flying in seventh heaven, oblivious to what was happening in my surroundings. We went from under the tall bamboo shoots, swaying to the beat that was being played in my mind, the front wheel of the bicycle struck a bigger rock and then, BOOM! A Fall!

But I was standing whilst the bicycle was lying hopelessly between my legs and I looked bewildered. I didn’t fall, the bicycle did and that made me crazy. My brother looked concerned and rushed to help me out. I don’t know how he managed not to laugh at the scene because it was hilarious enough to keep me laughing for hours later. Crap that freaking rock! It just made everything even more memorable…